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Advanced Engineering Design Solutions (AEDS) Ltd. is a consulting firm specialising in scientific/engineering services related to numerical simulations, with particular focus on fluid dynamics and subjects close to this field, such as acoustics, emissions and heat transfer issues.

The aim is to provide professional engineering services for a wide range of clients that have to deal with fluid mechanics aspects at some stage of their product development. Sectors of the market that are affected include aeronautical and space industry, automotive and naval industries, environmental (buildings and wind turbines), rheology, heat exchange and many more.

AEDS also relies on collaborations with the Interdisciplinary Aerodynamics Group(IAG) of Dr. Leyland at EPFL, where Mr. Wilhelm also hold a position. Collaborations with Mr. Gaffuri, who is currently working in Germany for DLR, also continue. Their services will be available on a consultancy basis for the company.

Who we are


The founders of the firm are a small number of independent workers coming from the laboratory of computational engineering (LIN) at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL), with different academic backgrounds, and several years of experience in both industry and academic fields.


Dr. Angelo Casagrande obtained his Ph.D. at EPFL in mechanical engineering, working on parallel mesh adaptation techniques. He previously worked on shape optimisation at the Italian Ship Model Basin (INSEAN), a research institution with expertise in the field of naval and marine hydrodynamics, after finishing a M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering with specialisation in Maritime CFD & Applied Mechanics.


Dr. Pénélope Leyland is a senior project leader in aeronautics and aerospace engineering in close collaboration with European industrial partners. She has more than 35 years of experience in these fields, and is well known in the international scientific community.


Mr. Pierre Wilhelm is an EPFL graduate in mechanical engineering. Specialised in aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics and CAD drawing, for his master project he performed theoretical and experimental aerodynamics analysis of a space re-entry vehicle for Mars planetary exploration (MetNet project). Half of the project was carried out in Russia (BMSTU).


Mr. Michele Gaffuri is an EPFL graduate in mechanical engineering, specialist in aeronautics and space applications with three years of experience on European projects (such as HISAC).